Add Your Recruit Project to our Calendar

List your company name.
Person we should contact to coordinate recruit.
Enter the date of your project or study.
What time will the presentations start? We will have the participants arrive 30 minutes prior to this time. *The start and end time should be in the time zone of the participant, not the client or viewers.
What time does the study end?
List the time zone the participant is in.
List County and State or Counties and State (for Federal District) you would like us to recruit in. (e.g. Cook County, IL or Northern District of IL - Chicago Division)
Sessions meaning how many different time slots per day or total for the project.
# of Jurors you would like to attend/show per session is the second #. We will over recruit to reach your ideal attendance - which is the first #.
List location (street address, floor number, city, state, zip, etc.) or paste Zoom link.
(e.g. $250) OnlineVerdict will review and suggest what it believes is a fair mock-juror pay for the length of the study and the geographical location. Generally, it is $30-40 per hour. List what you would like to pay the participants in total and we will confirm.
List any name(s) of companies or people we should ensure the participants have no affiliation with.
E.g. list anything that would be helpful for the participant. Is there an area where they should park? Is there a landmark that will help them find the location? Will someone be there to greet them in the lobby or will there be a check-in table?
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