How it works

Conducting online jury focus groups is as easy as a few clicks on your computer. Upload to our secure site balanced case summaries (text, audio or video) including demonstrative exhibits. Pre-screened participants who match the case venue demographics review the presentations and answer verdict and case-specific questions.

Submit a case:  Post a case summary to OnlineVerdict through a password protected account. A case summary includes up to 5 double-spaced pages for each side of the case, two graphic images or exhibits for each side, and your choice of feedback from 25-50 eligible jurors in your case venue.

Juror review:  OnlineVerdict invites prospective jurors that match the venue demographics to review the case. Jurors are pre-screened to ensure there are no conflicts. Once enough responses are received the case will close.

Results:   Tabulated juror feedback is then emailed to the attorney or legal professional who posted the case. Feedback includes statistically compiled results of all juror responses to verdict and case questions, as well as detailed demographic information about each juror including age, gender, ethnicity, education, marital status, occupation, household income and political party affiliation.

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OnlineVerdict: How it Works
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