Refund Policy

Refund Policy
A full or partial refund may be granted upon cancellation of a case submission. The refund amount is dependent on the length of time between the receipt of payment for the case submission and jurors’ receipt of the invitation to review the case. Refund amounts are determined as follows:

  • If the case submission is canceled immediately following payment and no expenses have been incurred, a full refund will be granted.
  • If a case submission is canceled after html conversion but before juror invitations to review the case have been sent out, administrative charges will be deducted from the initial payment and the payee will be refunded the difference.
  • Once mock-jurors begin reviewing a case submission, no refund will be granted.

If you need to cancel your order, please contact us immediately to help ensure a partial or full refund.

Guarantee Policy
OnlineVerdict, LLC guarantees that a case submission will be reviewed by the designated number of jurors and that each mock-juror will answer every question submitted by the attorney.

OnlineVerdict has taken great lengths to ensure that respondents are jury eligible, do not have legal or insurance-related conflicts, and will keep case-related information confidential. OnlineVerdict  jurors who do not abide by our Terms and Conditions are disqualified and/or removed from our database. OnlineVerdict, however, does not guarantee the validity of juror responses and no refunds will be granted on this basis.

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