Common Technical Problems

ProblemI filled out the form but it keeps taking me back to the sign up page.
Solution: If the sign up page reappears after you hit submit, you must have missed answering one of the questions. That question(s) should be listed in red at the top of the form and marked with an asterisk on the form. You will also have to re-enter your password for security reasons. Please make sure you have answered all the questions and try submitting the form again.

Problem: The sign up page won’t accept my password.
Solution: Your password must be at least 6 characters in length, but there are no other restrictions on the password you choose for your account. If the sign up form reappears and your password is blank, you must have missed a question on the form. Once you have completed all the questions you will need to re-enter your password again for security reasons.

ProblemThe county drop-down box isn’t working. 
Solution: If there are no counties listed in the drop-down menu, try selecting a different state (two questions earlier) and then re-selecting your current state. This will reset the county drop-down menu. We aren’t entirely sure why this happens. Sometimes users with the Google toolbar or dialup connections have this problem, but resetting the state should fix this issue.

Problem: I live in Virginia but my city is not in a county. Why do I have to select a county?
Solution: The sign up form requires an answer to every question before it will be accepted. We are aware of the county situation in Virginia, so please just select the county that is closest to where you live when completing the form.

If your issue has not been addressed in one of the above categories, please send us an email at [email protected].

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