Give Feedback. Get Paid.

Get Results.

OnlineVerdict was the first virtual focus group and mock-trial company dedicated to the legal industry. Its only purpose is to provide data driven recommendations to litigators using feedback from pre-qualified jurors in the case venue.

Mock jurors review cases, provide feedback, and get paid for their opinions.

Attorneys get insights into potential case outcomes.

And, OnlineVerdict makes it happen. It recruits participants, designs surveys, hosts virtual or in-person mock-trials, collects data, and delivers reports and recommendations.


  • Participant Recruiting
  • Online Case Review Surveys
  • Virtual Focus Groups/Mock-Trials
  • In-Person Focus Groups/Mock-Trials
  • Jury Consulting

Be a participant

  • Work remote or in person
  • Review real cases
  • Provide feedback via surveys
  • Watch presentations via Zoom
  • Watch live presentations in person
  • Provide feedback on iPad
  • Deliberate as a group
  • Participate in other online survey opportunities
  • Typical pay is $30-$350
  • Participation is always optional, at your convenience

Why Choose OnlineVerdict?

  • First company in the industry
  • Founded by expert jury consultants
  • 25 years of experience
  • Focuses only on research for litigators
  • Multiple service offerings that can be tailored to individual cases
  • Understand the methodologies needed to conduct mock-trials/focus groups to get valid data
  • Robust opt-in database, screened for jury qualifications
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick turnaround
  • Secured database – we do not buy or sell participant contact information


Jury qualified residents

24-48 hr

Turnaround time

25 years

Jury consulting experience

Attorneys: Would you like to start a project with us?

Gain insights with cost-effective, qualified jury feedback.

Participants: Would you like to review legal cases and be paid for your opinion?

Fill out a short form to join our database. Only be contacted when a case is posted in your area. No obligation to participate.


What our Participants and Clients say

I wanted to write and thank you for a very interesting day and an opportunity to earn $250. Anytime you need someone in this area, please call on me. It was a fascinating look at the law.

I just wanted to thank you for today’s focus group opportunity. OnlineVerdict and everyone else involved did a terrific job. I hope that my fellow group members and I were able to help you move forward.

OnlineVerdict has been a valuable tool in our trial preparation for the past several years. Getting juror feedback as well as strategic direction from experienced trial consultants provides a competitive advantage.