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Test your case with jury-qualified participants, in the case venue, to get valid, representative feedback

How are Attorneys and Organizations using OnlineVerdict?

  • Recruiting participants for in house studies
  • Conducting virtual focus groups
  • Getting feedback on case themes, arguments, liability, and/or potential damages
  • Mediation/Settlement negotiation
  • Personal injury damages assessment
  • Insurance claims settlements
  • Discovery
  • Risk assessments
  • Practice for associates
  • Corporate liability assessment
  • Community attitude surveys

What are the benefits of online research?


Traditional face-to-face focus groups cost anywhere from $40,000-$100,000+ . With access to a national pool of potential jurors and online survey system designed by experienced trial consultants, OnlineVerdict is able to provide jury research services at a fraction of the cost. In an era where attorneys have to be mindful of litigation expenses, online research is the perfect solution.

OnlineVerdict focus groups save on the following costs:

  • Facility rental
  • Participant recruitment
  • Respondent and client food
  • Videotaping
  • Audio/visual (projectors, screen, etc)
  • Travel


Online research provides both the attorney and participant the flexibility of posting and reviewing case information from the comfort of their own computer. Attorneys also have the ability to test only certain elements of their case, their opening or closing, and/or visual support.


Squeezed for time? Feedback from 25-100 jurors can be gathered within hours or days, compared to several weeks to prepare for a live focus group. Reports and summaries are generated instantaneously. So, whether you are in discovery or on the eve of trial, online research can improve your trial preparation.


We employ several methods to keep an attorney’s work product privileged and confidential. As jury consultants, our work is protected under the attorney-client privilege. In addition, all jurors must sign digital confidentiality agreements to keep all case-related information confidential.

How Online Quantitative Surveys Work

Conducting online jury focus groups is as easy as a few clicks on your computer.

Create balanced case summaries (text, audio or video) including demonstrative exhibits. OnlineVerdict will review the summary, upload the case, design the questionnaire, invite pre-screened participants who match the case venue demographics, and provide a report of the results. See gallery below for more details.

How Do Recruiting Services Work

Complete the form indicating the date, time, and venue of the study. Let us know the number of participants you would like to attend and any screenout information. OnlineVerdict then assembles a group of jury-qualified participants that match the venue demographics. A list of the participants with their demographic information will be provided 1-2 days prior to the study. As an additional service, OnlineVerdict can pay the participants as well.

To request a recruit, complete the form.

We will confirm the specifics and get started.

Trial Consulting Services

OnlineVerdict was created by trial consultants with years of litigation experience. Our consultants have helped hundreds of litigators by providing recommendations to improve all aspects of their case.

OnlineVerdict users have the option of having one of our experienced jury consultants review your case, analyze juror feedback results, and provide assistance with case strategy. Some of the options available to you include:

Mock Trials

Case Story and Theme Development

A jury consultant will review your feedback and provide suggestions in a written report for development of your case story and supporting themes.

Opening Statement and Closing Argument Assistance

A jury consultant will review your opening statement or closing argument, or develop an outline for you based on your feedback.

Voir Dire Questions

A jury consultant will review your feedback and generate 25 case-specific voir dire questions for trial.

Jury Profiles

A jury consultant will statistically analyze your feedback data for jury profiling potential.

Jury Selection Assistance

A jury consultant will assist with in-court jury selection reviewing questionnaires, providing voir dire suggestions and selection strategy.

Focus Group or Mock Trial

If this research was an introduction to your case analysis and you would now like to further test your case arguments, themes and facts in front of live jurors, we can conduct this research for you.

Courtroom Graphics

Our experienced trial graphic designers will review your juror feedback and make strategic visual recommendations and/or develop persuasive, high-impact graphics that will convey your message to jurors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Started in 2004, OnlineVerdict is an online research company for attorneys and legal professionals. We provide case feedback from jury qualified residents in the case venue by way of the internet. OnlineVerdict was created by experienced jury consultants to provide attorneys with juror feedback for all case types and sizes. Online research is an alternative tool versus a traditional focus group or mock trial. Thus, whether you are debating whether to take a case; if you are looking for preliminary feedback on case issues before you conduct other research; are heading into mediation; or want to test arguments, liability, and/or damages, OnlineVerdict may be a good solution.

OnlineVerdict has pre-screened under a million jurors all over the country. For recruiting projects, Onlineverdict assembles a panel based on the demographics of the venue. For online surveys, the case summary with exhibits is sent to pre-qualified residents of the case venue. Participants review the summary and provide feedback on an online survey. OnlineVerdict then provides a report of the data back to you.

OnlineVerdict is 100% an opt-in database. To join, a participant must answer a series of demographic questions (e.g., date of birth, marital status, ethnicity, employment status, etc.), some screening questions, and agree to the terms and conditions of the service. They must also be a U.S. citizen and be over the age of 18. A juror’s profile is then stored in our secure database. When a case is posted in their venue, eligible jurors will receive an email invitation to review the case.

Simply put, the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It is a different tool. Data gathered from a simulated trial where participants hear and see the presentations from attorneys and deliberate the case facts and issues as a group, has its benefits. However, the purpose of OnlineVerdict is to provide attorneys with feedback from qualified jurors in the case venue for minimal costs.

OnlineVerdict was the first company in the industry, pioneered by jury consultants. It is for the legal industry only and is not a market research company. OnlineVerdict was designed and programmed based on years of experience in knowing what information attorneys need to understand their cases. An additional benefit for attorneys is the option to have an experienced jury consultant review case feedback and make recommendations on case strategy, assist with jury profiling, voir dire and selection strategy, as well as design follow-up focus group or mock trial research.

No. Attorneys and legal professionals use OnlineVerdict on a case-by-case basis.

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