Gain a competitive advantage with cost-effective, qualified jury feedback.

OnlineVerdict provides attorneys with juror feedback for all case types and sizes. Online research is useful when the case value does not warrant a traditional focus group or mock trial, if you are debating whether to take a case, or if you are looking for preliminary feedback on case issues before you conduct other research. This valuable information reveals community attitudes, case strengths and weaknesses, themes, case value and potential outcome.

What are the benefits of online research?

Cost                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Traditional face-to-face focus groups cost anywhere from $20,000-$50,000+ . With access to a national pool of potential jurors and online survey system designed by experienced trial consultants, OnlineVerdict is able to provide jury research services at a fraction of the cost. In an era where attorneys have to be mindful of litigation expenses, online research is the perfect solution.

OnlineVerdict focus groups save on the following costs:

  • Facility rental
  • Participant recruitment fees
  • Respondent and client food
  • Videotaping
  • Audio/ visual (projectors, screen, etc).
  • Real-time audience response key pads

Online research provides both the attorney and participant the flexibility of posting and reviewing case information from the comfort of their own computer. Attorneys also have the ability to test only certain elements of their case, their opening or closing, and/or visual support.

Squeezed for time? Feedback from 25-50 jurors can be gathered within a few days, compared to several weeks for a live focus group. Reports and summaries are generated instantaneously. So, whether you are in discovery or on the eve of trial, online research can improve your trial preparation.

We employ several methods to keep an attorney’s work product privileged and confidential. First, attorney and juror accounts are password protected. Second, cases are posted with a fictitious case name, and future cases with the same name will not be accepted by OnlineVerdict when submitted by a different attorney. Third, all jurors are jury eligible and pre-screened to ensure that there are no conflicts. Finally, registered jurors pledge to keep all case-related information confidential.

How are attorneys and organizations using OnlineVerdict?
  • Corporate liability assessment
  • Personal injury damages assessment
  • Insurance claims settlements
  • Pretrial research to set arguments and strategy for case
  • Community attitude surveys

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