Online Case Review and Juror Feedback:

OnlineVerdict  provides jury research and focus group services to attorneys and legal professionals. Qualified jurors from the case venue review case summaries and answer verdict and case-related questions. A comprehensive report details juror feedback and highlights case strengths and weaknesses, possible settlement value, and general attitudes and opinions about the case facts. Attorneys and legal professionals then use this information make better decisions about trying, mediating and settling their legal disputes.

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The OnlineVerdict case evaluation service includes:

  • Attorney-provided case summary — up to 5 pages double-spaced for each side
  • Two attorney-provided graphic images or exhibits for each side
  • Case review and feedback from 25 eligible jurors in your case venue
  • Statistically compiled results of all juror responses to verdict and case questions

Additional Options:

  • Additional jurors
  • Additional pages for case summary
  • Additional support graphic image/exhibit
  • Receive a color printed report of the results

Recruiting Services:

OnlineVerdict specializes in recruiting for law firms and other consultants who conduct in person focus groups. Because our database has over 800,000 jury-qualified participants in almost every venue across the country, clients turn to OnlineVerdict to recruit participants based on very specific specifications. Our recruits have extremely high show rates and are of great quality. To start a recruit, OnlineVerdict needs the following information:

  1. # of participants to show (we will over recruit by a minimum of 2)
  2. Location – specific address and any helpful hints for directions
  3. Time (start and end)
  4. Incentive (how much you want to pay them? Figure $25+/hr)
  5. Parking? If yes, where do they park? Is it free or validated? If validated, how so?
  6. Food provided? (e.g. continental breakfast/deli lunch OR refreshments only)
  7. Screen out questions (e.g. parties, any education or experience in X (i.e. medicine))

Trial Consulting Services:

OnlineVerdict was created by trial consultants with years of litigation experience. Our consultants have helped hundreds of litigators by providing recommendations to improve all aspects of their case.

OnlineVerdict users have the option of having one of our experienced jury consultants review your case, analyze juror feedback results, and provide assistance with case strategy. Some of the options available to you include:

Case Story and Theme Development: A jury consultant will review your feedback and provide suggestions in a written report for development of your case story and supporting themes.

Opening Statement and Closing Argument Assistance: A jury consultant will review your opening statement or closing argument, or develop an outline for you based on your feedback.

Voir Dire Questions: A jury consultant will review your feedback and generate 25 case-specific voir dire questions for trial.

Jury Profile: A jury consultant will statistically analyze your feedback data for jury profiling potential.

Jury Selection Assistance: A jury consultant will assist with in-court jury selection reviewing questionnaires, providing voir dire suggestions and selection strategy.

Focus Group or Mock Trial: If this research was an introduction to your case analysis and you would now like to further test your case arguments, themes and facts in front of live jurors, we can conduct this research for you.

Courtroom Graphics: Our experienced trial graphic designers will review your juror feedback and make strategic visual recommendations and/or develop persuasive, high-impact graphics that will convey your message to jurors.

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